Murudeshwar: unspoiled spiritual beauty to reconnect with self

Chaavi Gautam, the intrepid travel blogger visits Murudeshwar to rejuvenate and comes away with free advice for all – Visit Murudeshwar. Its spirituality and natural beauty will calm and reenergise you like no other holiday destination, she says.

In the hustle bustle of my daily life, I had completely forgotten to connect with myself. When was the last time I sat down and experienced nature in all its beauty and calmness?

It was Oh, so long ago. It was then that I decided to reconnect to my spiritual side by visiting a holiday that would provide me the serenity I yearned for and the safety I needed as I would be travelling solo. Vinayak, a friend of mine and a photographer, suggested I visit Murudeshwar to fulfill my needs for a serene holiday that would help me reconnect with myself through the spirituality in the atmosphere, and beauty of its surroundings. Does it ring a bell? Maybe not! Some don’t even know it exists in Karnataka.

But, Murudeshwar can cater to needs of all types of travellers. It has hills, beaches, corals, temples, fort, trekking, waterfalls and – are you still expecting more?
You can easily plan a trip with family, friends or solo - the small town on Karnataka’s west coast on the way to Karwar from Mangaluru, will surprise you with what it has to offer. The peak season is November to February, so plan a 1-2 day trip around that time.

As soon as you enter the city, you can spot the 123 ft tall second tallest Lord Shiva statue in the world. I reached in the morning and witnessed the rays of the rising sun falling on the idol, making it glow. I could have stood there for hours soaking in the beauty!

As you approach the temple, you will notice the 237.5 feet tall raja gopura. It has a lift installed inside to reach the top for a Birdseye view of the place. The moment I stepped outside, I was mesmerized by the view of the beautiful sculptures alongside the Arabian Sea. The winds blowing my hair into my face calmed me and removed any tiredness I had developed from travelling.

The temple is built on Kanduka Hill, surrounded by the Arabian sea on the three sides and protected by two life-sized concrete elephants. The main deity is Sri Mridesa Linga, also called Murudeshwara (hence, the name of the city). The legends of this place can be traced back to the times of Ramayana!

Besides the temple, there are other sculptures as well - the Geetopadesha, Sun chariot and the sculpture of Lord Ganesh receiving the Atmalinga from Ravana in the form of a young boy. They will leave you spellbound.

The next day, I decided to hit the beach, while away time and perhaps try out water sports. If you are fond of swimming, you can opt for snorkelling. But, that isn’t the end of it. You can do banana rides, jet skis, speed boats etc. I went on a jet ski and a ride for one costs 200 rupees. For those of you who want to try scuba diving, you should visit Netrani Islands (a place which is 19 kms away from Murudeshwar).

My purpose for visiting Murudeshwar was to slow down, de-stress and calm myself. An evening on the beach side, witnessing the setting sun rays on the idol and listening to the waves made me realize the importance of connecting with ourselves and taking time to visit such spots.

Murudeshwar shuts down by 8 PM except for a few eateries. A stay of 2 days is ideal to explore and take in the beauty of nature in Murudeshwar.

Don’t forget to take a Shiva idol as a souvenir. After all, you are in the lands of Shiva and blessed by the most powerful God of the Hindus.
Plan a trip to Murudeshwar – you won’t regret it!

How to get to Murudeshwara

Murudeshwara, located in Karnataka, is tourism destination famous for the second tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world. Reaching by road is one of the convenient options from nearby cities.

What is the Nearest Airport to Murudeshwara?

Murudeshwara does not have an airport. Mangaluru International Airport (153 kms) is the nearest airport having flights connected to major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai and few destinations abroad. Taxi/cabs and buses are available from the airport to reach Murudeshwara.

What is the Nearest Railway Station to Murudeshwara?

Murudeshwara railway station is connected to Mumbai and Mangaluru. However, Mangaluru (158 kms) is the major railhead well connected to major Indian cities by regular trains. Taxi/cabs and buses are available from the railway station to reach Murudeshwara.

How to Reach Murudeshwara by Bus?

Murudeshwara is well connected via roadways from many nearby cities. There are private and state-run buses to Murudeshwarafrom places like Mysuru, Kochi, Bengaluru and Mumbai. Several deluxe, AC, non-AC and Volvo semi-sleeper buses are available at frequent intervals.

How to Reach Murudeshwara by Road?

Travelling to Murudeshwara by own car is by far the best option since it is less time consuming and inexpensive. Another benefit of self-drive trip is that tourists can take as many breaks or click photos/pictures, images of the attractions or even take videos before reaching the location.

How to Reach Murudeshwara by Cab/Taxi

If you want to relax during the journey, there is always an option to book a taxi or cab to Murudeshwara and enjoy sightseeing, see temples along the way. Cabs are readily provided by various travel agents present in the nearby cities like Mangaluru, Bengaluru and Udupi at reasonable rates.

Routes to Murudeshwara

Route from Bengaluru: Murudeshwara is located at a distance of 512 kms from Bengaluru and would take around 8-9 hours to complete the journey. The best route from Bengaluru to Murudeshwara goes via Tumakuru, Sira, Davangere, Ranebennur, Haveri and Sirsi to Murudeshwara.

Route from Goa: Distance between Goa and Murudeshwara is around 200 kms and would take about 4-5 hours to reach. The best route from Goa to Murudeshwara goes through Canacona, Karwar, Kumta, Honnavar to Murudeshwara.

Route from Mangaluru: Distance between Mangaluru and Murudeshwara is around 156 kms and would take 3 hours to reach. There are two routes from Mangaluru to Murudeshwara. The first and the fastest route goes via Padubidri, Brahmavar, Trasi, Uppunda and Bhatkal to Murudeshwara. This route is 156 kms and would take around 3 hours to reach. The second route goes via Kateel, Karkala, Goliangadi, Trasi, Uppunda and Bhatkal to Murudeshwara. This route is around 194 kms and would take around 4 and half hours to visit the location.

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