Ravi Basrur: I am having a wonderful time

In an exclusive conversation with Karnataka Today’s Vedanth, Ravi Basrur, popular music director speaks about his plans…

Ravi Basrur is one of the most popular music directors in Sandalwood at present. He is not only a music director, but also an actor, producer, writer and director. Known for his love towards Kunda Kannada, today he has made a mark for himself. He is composing music for mega budget films and has also made his debut as director with "Kataka", which released recently to a favourable response.


"Kataka" has got great reviews. What do you have to say regarding this?

My team and I worked very hard on this film. It has a theme of black magic. Therefore I had to be very careful before presenting it. I was inspired by a true incident for this film. I also got good support from my producer NS Rajkumar. The film received great reviews and good word of mouth. I am very satisfied with this film.

You are known for your love towards Kunda Kannada. What do you have to say regarding this?

I feel nowadays we are ignoring our mother tongue. I love Kunda Kannada, but I feel sad that the language is not spoken by many. I am proud to be from Basrur and I feel I have responsibility towards promoting and protecting Kunda Kannanda. Therefore I directed two Kunda Kannada films "Gargar Mandala" and "Bilinder". The purpose of making these films were not to make money, but to promote my mother tongue. Today youngsters are influenced by films. I feel that by making films in Kunda Kannada, I will be a small part in protecting my mother tongue.

"Bilinder" was technically advanced film. How did you manage to do so on a small budget?

Kunda Kannada films have a small market. I cannot make a high budget film and expect it to recover money. But at the same time, I did not want to give a low quality product. The notion of only high budget films having great technical work is wrong and this has been proved by "Bilinder". I am thankful to my technicians which made the film look rich. The film was also dubbed in Hindi due to this.

Which film do you consider as the turning point of your career?

It should undoubtedly be "Ugramm". I composed music as well as background music for this film. The film is considered a cult classic in underworld films. I am thankful to director Prashanth Neel, who believed in my talent. I was given free hand to work in the project, which resulted in such a great product. People recognize me with "Ugramm". The film gave me everything.

You are also working in "KGF", which is undoubtedly the biggest film in Sandalwood. How do you rate the experience?

"KGF" has been a wonderful experience. The film is being made on a high budget. There are lots of expectations from the Yash and Prashanth Neel combination. The film will be a trendsetting film in Sandalwood as well in other industries. It will also be released in other languages. I have worked hard for music and background score for this film. I know there are lots of expectations on this film. I am sure I will not disappoint anyone.

How is it working on music for big stars like Yash, PuneethRajkuamr and Sriimurali?

I am having a wonderful time working with Yash, Puneeth Rajkumar and Sriimurali in "KGF", "Anjaniputra" and "Mufti" respectively. I am working with Yash for the first time. I feel he has a great music sense. I have been associated twice with Puneeth sir. He has sung a song for my film "Bilinder" and has also presented my film "Kataka". Sriimurali is a dear friend. We have worked in "Ugramm" and he also sang the title song in "Bilinder".

Why are you not signing many films as music director, when your popularity is at a peak?

I believe in giving good music. I believe in quality rather than quantity. I have worked very hard to reach the position, which I am in. I have been offered many films, but I cannot sign all. And I am not only composing music, but also composing background scores, writing stories as well as directing films. All this takes time and therefore I think I will not be able to do justice to give music to all the films at one time. I have increased my work now and hope to work in many films in future.

How do you feel when Background Music is associated with your name in Sandalwood?

I feel background music is the soul of the film. Songs will play for a maximum of half an hour in a film. But background music plays through the whole film. Therefore it is a bigger responsibility. I feel proud that I have provided background music to many films.

How was it working in Tulu film "Ekka Sakka"? Any plans of working in Coastalwood?

I had a great time working for "Ekka Sakka". The songs in the film were a big hit. As I told, you, it is important to preserve our mother tongue. Even though Tulu is not my mother tongue, the language is spoken by almost all people near my hometown. I love the language. And yes, I will be working in Tulu film "Umil", which is the first graphic based film in Tulu. I am composing the background score for the film.

Any plans of directing a Kunda Kannada film in future?

Yes, I will be directing a Kunda Kannada film. An announcement regarding this will be made soon.

You are a director, producer, music composer and writer. Which do you consider close to your heart?

Everything in film making is close to my heart. Music is my passion, therefore I may be a bit partial towards music. I want to be part of good films in any way. I want to give fans a good experience of watching films, which I am part of.

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