Spiritually bankrupt? Strike a pose!

Bend it like Beckham to regain poise and confidence says Deepshika Dhankar in this interesting take on Yoga…

I am a regular at yoga, not the toe-behind-my-ear kinds but I can strike a few balanced poses, which obviously came with practice. But I am not here to tell you how to strike a pose but to tell you why you need to, in the first place.

After getting married and shifted to a new country, I soon realized that I had lost self-confidence. And since I am someone who never lives in denial, it was very easy for me to recognize what I was losing and at what speed. “What if I don’t understand what they are saying (since I lived closer to Scotland, the accent was much more complicated), what if they laugh at me, what if I embarrass myself by asking them to repeat themselves too many times; these were some of my fears – inevitable and incorrigible, both at the same time.

So, I stayed indoors. And the longing to stay curled up on my couch pulled me into harsh winters where even if I wanted to get out, I couldn’t. I had heard people say all things about British winters and how you can get really depressed if you don’t have a life; I had not yet experienced it first hand – until I did. From waking up at 9 in the morning, I stayed in bed till 11 and soon it was 12 by the time I would literally force myself to get out and on with my day.

As someone not living in denial, I was fully aware of my situation and that it was getting worse, with no friends and neighbours in touch. Unable to take the burden of consciously ruining my own life, mental and physical health, I thought of resuming yoga – something that I had been doing for ten years, on and off. I woke up, ordered a yoga mat, and cut some leggings into half to give myself some ‘yoga’ clothes and a feeling of starting afresh. I put on a video of Shilpa Shetty acing each Asana with the ‘S’ like curve of her waist – thinking this should help me. Even though I was aware of all the asanas and at one time, had even perfected them, it helped to have virtual company, so I don’t feel lonelier than what I was already.

It started with 45 minutes of me trying to match Shilpa Shetty’s moves and soon hers trying to match mine. It felt great! I felt a sense of self and something filling up my spiritual bankruptcy bit-by-bit, pose-by-pose and day-by-day. It was my confidence returning with a bang. I can’t tell you when exactly that happened but I can tell you, now with much more confidence that it happened for sure while I tried to strike a pose.

Why striking a pose is important

You must have heard of phrases like ‘even if you are having a bad day, get up and get dressed’ and similar iterations. I am now pretty sure that those were written by people who had started practicing yoga. And I will tell you why! You will always notice that for the first time when you try a pose after a long break, or even if you are a first timer at yoga, you will always find imbalance. It is a direct reflection of your indecisive mind and body. And the day you achieve even a slight mind-body harmony, you will begin to hold a pose for much longer and soon you will be able to strike a pose within seconds. The important thing to remember is, whether or not you are a master at asanas, always try to strike one because while you try to stand on one foot or hold your toe behind your head, something is shifting in the rest of your body to support the mental picture of that pose – exactly what happens when you try something new for the first time but have a mental picture of where you want to go!

It won’t change your life

Mind you, Yoga won’t change your life, regardless of what the so-called masters try to sell it as. Yoga is an exercise and any exercise is good. It is as simple as that. What is simpler is the fact that when you get accustomed to a daily routine of having a great, if not perfect, mind-body balance, YOU will start to change your life. It was only after a month of practicing yoga that I started to draw mandalas, decorate my house with some art and craft, started studying and even working from home – all the things which were essential for self-preservation.

It doesn’t matter how you look, for you will accept yourself

Ever wondered why some people look very simple and achieve great things and why some people are gorgeous and still miserable? Because it is never about how you look but what you ‘radiate’. Baseless beauty advertisements and even body language instructors will claim that just by ‘looking’ a certain way, you will be successful. Wrong! By radiating confidence and good intention, you will certainly be successful because we are beings of frequencies and vibrations and what we attract will totally depend upon what we give out in the environment. I am sure I don’t need to justify this with the example of the book – The Secret – because there is enough scientific evidence to it.

It is all about what you do when you are not on your phone

Spiritual insolvency can highly impact your everyday life, even the amount of time you spend on your phone. Do you really think you are friends with someone just because you hearted their pictures and expressed your permeable emotions on someone’s status? C’mon! Swap all that with real-life coffee meetings, running, baking or even yoga! Give yourself the digital detox and believe you me, that will automatically happen when you are on Yoga. It’s like being on pills to keep yourself away from the cravings you shouldn’t indulge in.

It all starts with three deep breaths and a bent back and you will create magic!

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