Welcome to the launch issue of Karnataka Today.

Dear Reader,
Welcome to the launch issue of Karnataka Today, an independent and impartial monthly magazine, covering a broad spectrum of topics, ideas and issues concerning the politics, business, culture and development of the nation.

The name of the magazine seems to suggest that its scope is limited to the State. But we will have coverage of domestic and global events and developments that may impact India in general and Karnataka in particular.

Our focus will be to provide authentic, objective and fact-based information that will appeal to anyone who likes to keep abreast of issues, events and policies affecting Karnataka. We strive to strictly adhere to the basic journalistic principles of balance and objectivity. Credibility and trust are vital for true media organizations. We have already built considerable subscriber-base in eight countries.

We attribute their confidence to the growing support for NewsKarnataka. com launched by an enthusiastic and forward-looking band of young journalists. Karnataka Today is their new venture that aims at being purposeful, informative, educative, entertaining and above all trusted.

In the months to come we hope to carry stories that inform/educate readers about contentious issues and empower them to initiate and contribute to public policy debates or discussions. Yes, we would also like to highlight important yet little known issues and promise that we would never overlook the function to amuse and entertain readers.

We at Karnataka Today cherish diversity and inclusiveness and the idea of India that is secular, tolerant and progressive.

Ultimately, the measure of any civilized and open society is its compassion and acceptance of dissenting voices. Without being snarky we would like to play a small and humble part in the difficult task of re-shaping political space in our country.

We hope open-minded secularism will continue to fire the imagination of younger generations and be central to the understanding of modern India in the globalised world. Secularism cannot be reduced to being a sanctimonious rhetoric (to use Amartya Sen’s phrase) any more.

We would like to nurture an expanded editorial team consisting of researchers and news analysts and gradually evolve into an influential catalyst for positive changes.

Sharing of knowledge is important to grow as enlightened citizens. And we invite freelance writers with subject matter expertise and knowledge to contribute articles that increase citizens’ awareness of values that help promote social integration and thereby create an inclusive society. It is going to be our ongoing endeavour to encourage writers to associate themselves with our mission to prevent wrongdoing by dominant elite.

Since the launch of their online magazine three years ago the magazine’s publishers have been proactively engaging themselves in efforts to build supportive and collaborative relationships. The idea is to produce a professionally designed magazine with well-researched, readable and inspiring content.

We tried as much as possible to include articles of topical interest in this issue. The cover story by Parineeta Dandekar examines the ill-conceived Yettinahole river diversion project which is economically, socially and technically unviable.

Derek Lobo and Badarinath write about the controversy over a section of writers returning awards in protest against what they term as growing intolerance in the country.

While the former deplores the blame game tactics and faults the National Democratic Alliance for failing to follow through on its preelection commitment to usher in positive policies, the latter questions the “double standards” among intellectuals. Award-winning Konkani poet Melvyn Rodrigues writes about the need to pay heed to warnings of intellectuals.

Chinmay Chakravarty in his report on food harmony questions interference from any quarter with lifestyle choices of people and wonders why an unseemly conflict is growing in the country between those who think anything that is fit to consume is edible and others who are obsessed about what is on their neighbour’s dining table.

Why another print magazine in this digital era? There may be sceptics who question the relevance of print editions in an age when young people increasingly live their lives online.

As many surveys have proved, we are convinced that the print will remain a complementary medium having to co-exist with the digital medium. It will live on for years. The surveys also indicated that online magazine readers showed a marked preference for replica editions that looked like print.

The publication of this magazine is a team effort and we could not have succeeded without the active support of our stakeholders, well-wishers and dedicated friends spread all over the world.

We exhort our staff writers/ correspondents to write their stories on the basis of professional news values: assessing the credibility and accuracy of their sources.

Over the coming months we will work hard to improve the quality of content and the look and feel of the magazine. We hope to grow and expand in exciting and unpredictable ways.

With zeal and excitement, I invite you to read the inaugural issue. If you have questions, feedback, or a submission, please feel free to contact us at editor@karnatakatoday.com
Sincerely yours,
A Ram Babu  

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and opinions appearing in the article do not reflect the views of Karnatakatoday.com and Karnatakatoday.com does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.