Sandalwood news, please

Overall, the March issue of Karnataka Today has an interesting combination of articles on various topics. I quite liked articles on parenting and financial planning. Gujjartoonz seems very impressive. A section on sandalwood may make the magazine more interesting.

Kirti Tiwari

Scribes’ safety

The article highlighting the need for a law to protect journalists is good. Not many readers are aware of the condition of reporters. This article gives details about problems faced by media persons in the course of carrying out their professional duties. It is heartening to know that Press Council of India is seriously pursuing the matter relating to safety of journalists.

Sekar C

Book reviews

It is nice to know that there is a book published by Harper Litmus on sea turtles written by Kartik Shanker. Please carry at least one or two short book reviews every month.


A good analysis

The cover story on 1000 days of Congress rule in Karnataka was a good analysis.

K Sridhar

Heritage village

I enjoyed reading “Keeping alive a bygone era.” I am glad the heritage village will be kept open for public from 2018.



Many articles in the March issue of Karnataka Today are interesting to read, particularly those on street vendors and flower exporters’ problems.

Ashutosh Sharma

Good inside info

The article, “Modi keeps babus on their toes,” gives a lot of inside information in the corridors of power in Delhi. I was happy to read that the BJP-led government has decided that bureaucrats who are either incompetent or tainted or both will face compulsory retirement after they celebrate their 50th birthday. When the corruption is so rampant such stringent measures to cleanse bureaucracy are vital.

Hridaya Ghosh