Investigative reports, please

Both the articles on the Lokayuktain January issue were interesting. They mentioned how certain unfortunate developments in the recent past have tarnished the reputation of the once-feared institution. It appears that many law-abiding citizens are raising doubts over the integrity of the institution and losing faith in the institution. Is there any future for corruption-free society in Karnataka when unscrupulous politicians gang up with even those connected with ombudsman authorities to amass ill-gotten wealth? In such appalling situation prevailing in the State is there any trustworthy and dependable institution for ordinary people and public to turn to for redress of injustices.

While deciding to be a subscriber of Karnataka Today I expect the magazine to give us well-written investigative reports exposing corruption not only in Government agencies, but also in private institutions such as schools and colleges run by greedy politicians. Your cover story, “Slippery Saudi ties,” was good. Such articles on international affairs are also welcome.

Soumali Bhattacharya

Very disappointing

I happened to have read the December issue of Karnataka Todaywhich I thought looked attractive. But the January issue is very disappointing with only a couple of articles worth reading. To become popular the magazine should have well-researched articles covering a wide variety of subjects not necessarily those concerning politics.

Lakshmi Devi M


During my brief stay in Bengaluru I got to read your magazine. I read it with interest. It was reasonably well-produced, though not having enough pages covering many topics. I wish we had a similar magazine in Andhra Pradesh. All the best to your magazine!

Siva Kesava Rao

A bit harsh in views

The Opinion piece, “Misplaced priorities at literature fete” talks about some angry participants protesting against intolerance at the literature festival. I thought the scribe was a bit harsh on views about protestors at the BLF. But I agree with the view expressed in the article that the literary festival should have been organized more purposefully. The next BLF should think of inviting not only more Kannada writers and translators, but also those representing other regional languages such as Marathi and Gujarati.

Poorvi Sharma

More pages needed 

I liked the article on moral and thought policing. It was interesting to know about a temple constructed four hundred years ago, with a progressive concept, open to people of all religions and faiths. The magazine should have more pages and reading material.

Prameela J


“Tulu film industry riding high,” was informative. The unprecedented popularity of Tulu films released in the recent past is a good augury for the Tulu entertainment industry. We want to read more such articles.
The magazine is too thin when compared with other English magazines in the market. Please add more pages to it in the coming months

Hebbar K

More glamour please

The January issue of Karnataka Today was mediocre with no readable articles. Please include some good articles on celebrities and glamour with some attractive photos.


IT trends and gadgets

The January issue of Karnataka Today gives an overall view about current affairs to readers. The magazine has great potential to become popular by covering topics such as IT trends, modern gadgets, online shopping and IT's role in changing the lives of people. Readers would also like read articles on Karnataka's rich heritage and culture.

Asharam Thaloor