Interesting read

The second issue of Karnataka Today made an interesting reading. The editorial on sexual exploitation on women and girls was thought provoking and I strongly feel that it is the client who needs to be looked down upon instead of the sex worker. The article My Body, My Business by Sarasu Esther Thomas was very informative and I support and agree with her views on the topic.
The article The Splendours of Tawang brought back memories of my travel to the virgin beauty of the seven sisters in the North East.
It is indeed a solace to the body and mind as you trek the scenic green stretches of this untouched magical land. It certainly flashes upon your inward eye which a bliss in solitude.
The magazine caters more to political issues pertaining to Karnataka, I wish it could devote a page to national politics and also a page where educationists could share their views on the challenges and changes which are a part and parcel of education today.

Pushpy Dutt
Principal, Presidency School
North Bengaluru


I would like to congratulate you on your venture which will go a long way in representing the interests and concerns of people in Karnataka.

Prof P P Giridhar

Women empowerment

Please include articles that help college students explore better educational and employment opportunities and women to promote self-empowerment, professional advancement and success in life.
Many women like to read articles by experts who can guide and inspire them to lead their lives independently. Informative features on foreign policy and international relations are also welcome.

Surya Adabala,Bangalore

Good parenting

The December issue of Karnataka Today was in many ways better than your inaugural issue, but it is not what most intelligent and young readers expect. It has to improve a lot as it is not up to mark. Many would like to read informative features on good parenting and child development.
The article, “NGO shows the way for rural uplift” in December issue was interesting.

Mahua Shaheen Begum Bangalore

Quality not good enough

The cover page looks impressive, but the overall quality of content of articles and the look and feel of Karnataka Today have to improve. You should cover a variety of subjects such as consumer rights, personal finance and modern gadgets.

Vandana Vasu, Bangalore