Articles on parenting.

The February issue of Karnataka Today had a few interesting articles. I liked reading the articles, Adhocism dents Bengaluru’s image, Can Bengaluru replicate Delhi scheme? andTaming the political bull. Please include articles on glamour and parenting.


A good analysis

Taming the political bull was a good analysis of Tamil Nadu political scene. It will be good if there are more such analytical articles in Karnataka Today covering political developments in the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana and Kerala.

Arumugam V

Not attractive enough

I have been reading Karnataka today since its inaugural issue. I find it is not attractive enough. There has not been much improvement in overall quality of content, both visual and written. I hope in the coming months the magazine will be produced more professionally.

Rajesh M

Amusing to read

The article, Gamblers are ruled by superstitionswas really interesting. I was amused to read about how M A M Ramaswamy, India’s biggest race horse owner, believed in lucky mascots. I found it difficult to believe that the rich race horse owner had worn the same tie for more than 30 years whenever his horses ran in classic races.

Swetha K

Articles on culture

Please provide more articles on culture such as the one on puppetry. We also like to read informative articles on educational institutions, both in India and abroad.

More about Karnataka, please

The cover story, Bumpy road ahead?, provides insights into different political parties and their prospects in the coming Assembly elections. We also like to read more articles covering politics and culture of Karnataka.

Celebrity interviews

The February issue had a reasonably good mix of articles. Please carry celebrity interviews along with glamour pictures representing film and entertainment industry.



Heritage buildings

For the benefit of young readers please carry well-researched articles on historical monuments and heritage buildings of Karnataka with colourful and beautiful photographs.

Jayanth R

Real estate

We would like to read updates on the changing trends in different walks of life and unbiased articles explaining about real estate scene in all important cities and towns of Karnataka.

Subba Rao K

Make it fortnightly

These days it is rare to find monthly magazines as most readers don’t like to wait for that long to read general features covering politics, cinema, sports, economy, business and national issues. I strongly suggest that Karnataka Today should be made a fortnightly.

Lokendra M