Crossword puzzles please

I would like to see crossword puzzles and comic strips in Karnataka Today.  Sri Krishna’s article, “Speeches peppered with wit on the wane,” was interesting. Humour articles are always appealing to magazine readers. Please carry such stories as often as possible.

C Vaidehi


I compliment your magazine for carrying the article, “India becomes target of low level hybrid warfare,”which is very informative. It was really surprising to read that Modi government’s successful energy diplomacy and pursuit of economic independence has made the country a target of economic destabilisation. It is not often that we get to read such articles in mainstream newspapers or magazines.

Vivek R

I liked reading the Governance column, “Belling the KPSC Cat, at last.” It explains clearly how the unscrupulous elements in KPSC have consistently made a mockery of interviews all these years. Really sad! It is good to know read KPSC will have to give up the practice of its own members interviewing candidates.

M Kiran

Very inspiring

The April issue of Karnataka Today had a few good articles. I particularly enjoyed reading Bhamy V Shenoy’s “Multi-faith temple: India’s contribution to avoid clash of civilizations.” The idea of having multi-faith temples or halls or buildings in every major town and city in the world is very inspiring, indeed.

Rohini Fernandes

Ilegal betting

The TurfTalk column, “Illegal betting thrives in Asia” gives interesting facts about the growth of illegal betting in the continent and explains how the menace has been expanding globally thanks to mafia control and involvement.

K Sridhar

Excellent book review

The April issue of Karnataka Today carried an excellent review of a book that was critical of US education system. When many can’t afford to buy expensive books it is good to read reviews of important books in magazines. Please carry such analytical book reviews as often as possible. Many readers would love to know about important international publications on subjects of general interest.

Tony Sequeira

Travel articles

There are several virgin tourist spots and unexplored places in India. I suggest that your magazine should carry travel stories regularly with attractive photos.


Restaurant reviews

I know there are a lot of restaurants in Bengaluru serving exotic cuisines. It is a good idea to carry reviews of such restaurants not only for the benefit of foodies like me but also for others who would like recommend to their friends who visit them in Bengaluru.

M Sathvika