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Karnataka Today – the preferred English monthly of, for and by Kannadigas. In 2015, the Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd, a dynamic media house headquartered in Mangaluru, launched Karnataka Today, a monthly feature rich English monthly magazine. As the name suggests, its content is focused on the Issues and concerns of Kannadigas and the state of Karnataka. The content is enlightening and timeless, therefore the magazine can be preserved and read at leisure. It enlightens as much as it entertains. It is also visually aesthetically laid out and makes for excellent library / lobby / living room / bedroom reading and presentation material. It is also good learning and reading material for students. Indeed, it is a magazine for the whole family. It is available in both in Digital and Print versions. Please visit our website www.karnatakatoday.com for more.

Karnataka Today aims to become the most admired and awaited monthly English feature magazine in Karnataka.

Karnataka Today continuously finds new ways to reflect Karnataka independently and impartially to Kannadigas around the world in a way that makes it beneficial for some, experiential for others, but interesting and useful for all.

Core Values:
Independence – We tread our own path without fear or favor… every time
Impartiality – We are unbiased, balanced, and foster trust… continuously
Integrity – We stand for the truth. Always Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd, the publishers of Karnataka Today Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd. is a dynamic media company headquartered in Mangaluru that packages and delivers high-quality content on a multi-platform basis to its stakeholders worldwide. Pioneered by dynamic young professionals in 2013.
It has three product verticals – Digital News and Publications, NKTv a visual hub, a full stack branding hub, Verdevice and Spearhead Academy, a learning hub. As a company it is already a preferred destination for consumers and disseminators of information, and brand builders across the world.

Spearhead Media’s Digital News and Publications division is the epitome of open,      honest, interactive, and pluralistic media in a diverse society. Its flagship products are  the well-known window to the world of Karnataka, https://newskarnataka.com/ an      English online news portal that reaches out to Kannadigas around the world and it’s sibling for Kannada readers, https://newskannada.com/. In the nearly 10 years of their existence, they have already become the most exciting, trusted, and preferred        news websites of Karnataka. The news websites seek to educate, enlighten, and empower people and act as a cohesive force.

   Read more about the Company at www.spearheadpvtltd.com

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