Miss India Anukreethy Vas: I want to bring back the Miss World crown again

Cindrella Daryani spoke to Femina Miss India Anukreety Vas and Shreya K. the 2nd Runner-up after they were crowned with the title at the Beauty Pageant in Chennai recently and quizzed them about their lives before and after the crown…

Dusky, 19-year-old beauty Anukreethy Vas, is over the moon after she was crowned Femina Miss India World 2018. She hails from Trichy, Tamil Nadu and is currently pursuing her B.A. in French from Chennai’s Loyola College. Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar, also from India, crowned Anukreethy Vas on June 19. Besides, first runner-up Meenakshi Chaudary of Haryana was felicitated by Sana Dua, Miss United Continents 2017; while Miss intercontinental 2017 Priyanka Kumari crowned second runner-up Shreya Rao Kamavarapu, who hails from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Many Bollywood bigwigs witnessed the gala event followed by stunning dance performances by Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Madhuri Dixit Nene, and also a gig by Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar.

Vas bagged the prestigious crown after beating 30 competitors. She won the hearts of judges and spectators. Now, what was it that worked out for Vas?

Certainly, her answer to the question among other things, “Who is a better teacher?” Anukreethy, sensibly opted for ‘failure’ as the better teacher and spoke about how it has taken her to this position.

The journey to her victory wasn’t easy. She hails from Trichy, where modelling and glamour is not an encouraging career option. Many of her kin were not in favour of modelling. When asked about their reaction to her win, Anukreethy Vas said that those who were opposed to her decision are now overjoyed and supporting her thoughts and ideas.

Vas faces the camera confidently. However, any thoughts of a role in the film industry are far from her mind as she will be busy preparing for the Miss World pageant to be held in China in December this year. Grooming sessions are expected to start soon. However, she said she is open to all possibilities in the future.

“People have a lot of expectations from me after Manushi Chillar, became Miss World in 2017. I have this huge responsibility to retain the Miss World crown for India.”

Currently, Vas is in her second year of her BA Hons in French. As of now, she plans to take six to eight-month break from her studies to gear up the upcoming Miss World pageant. Vas said she is not sure about pursuing higher studies after completion of her existing course.

Vas is clear-headed about her objectives. When asked about her perception of pageant stress and competition she said she was unperturbed by any competition and she thoroughly enjoyed all the grooming sessions and lived each moment.

Besides, Manushi Chillar is her role model, her achievement inspires her to focus harder on her foremost aim.

Vas keeps her diet and fitness regime very simple. She prefers to do yoga and meditation, while on diet aspect she also likes to have non-vegetarian food that includes a good amount of protein and excludes fat and carbohydrates.

Shreya Kamavarapu Femina Miss India 2nd Runner-up: It is one life; chase your dreams, feel free, work hard and reach the pinnacle!

The 23-year-old, bubbly girl-next-door ShreyaKamavarapu, is on a high after she was crowned the second runner-up in the Femina Miss India Pageant 2018. She belongs to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and is an architect by profession. She was crowned by Miss Intercontinental 2017 Priyanka Kumari at a glittering ceremony in Chennai recently. While Anukreethy Vas was declared as Femina Miss India 2018 and crowned by Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar, first runner-up MeenakshiChaudary of Haryana, was felicitated by Sana Dua, Miss United Continents 2017.


Are you satisfied with your title as the second runner-up? How do you take it?

I have no regrets about my title as I am still representing India. It was a challenge to prove my mettle against 30 hand-picked contestants. I have always been optimistic about my way. The journey throughout the competition was the opportunity of a lifetime. However, I still want to work on myself and make some improvements but this is not for any pageant title.

How was your equation with the other contestants, along with Anukreethy and Meenakshi?

Most of us shared a similar state-of-mind since we were of the same age-group. Anukreethy is so young and new to this field. Many a times, I have shared my experiences with her. From then on, she fondly addresses me as her mommy. While Meenakshi and I shared a sisterly bond, both of us were pragmatic and there was a healthy competition between us.

You left a secure job after your selection in a beauty pageant audition. Was it a calculated move? Your father was also sceptical about your participation. How did you put his mind at ease?

I was content working those eight hours as an architect until a friend reminded me that entering a beauty pageant wasn’t on my bucket list! I hadn’t been in front of a camera before. But, when I realised my potential in this new frontier for me, I expressed my desire to my parents. After hearing my plans they were stunned and asked me the reason for taking such a step. I told my father that it is more than glamour and modelling. I would be able to represent my state and country if I win. Besides, I am the only daughter of my parents. My happiness was important to them. When they gave me the nod, I worked diligently.

Apart from modelling, what else do these beauty pageants teach that the contestants look for?

Beauty pageants have several edification seminars that truly empower you from within. They have 30 days of power-packed sessions that consist of posture and body language, wardrobe styling, speech enhancement, communication skills, health and emotional well-being, cultural etiquette etc. Such symposiums work as a booster that give complete transformation to one’s aura. Hence, for finalists, it is significant that they should get primed and ingrained with all the grooming aspects that they have learnt.

Which international pageants are you going to prepare in coming months? Any plans to work in movies?

I am concentrating on getting a bigger crown for India. It is not clear in which pageant I will participate next! It might be Miss Grand International or Miss United Continents or some other. If I am offered a good movie script perhaps after a year, I may take it up or I can resume my work as an architect. It is an alternative.

Any social cause that is close to your heart that you would like to associate with?

I closely look upon the activities related to autism that’s done in my aunt’s school named “Sandipani”, which is located in Hyderabad and I want to be able to do much for them.

Your message to the women of India?

We can’t underrate the woman of today. Being an architect, if I can change my goals and achieve it, then everything is possible. Negative circumstances can come in any form in anyone’s life. Dealing with them optimistically is crucial. It is one life; chase your dreams, feel free, work hard and reach the pinnacle!

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